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Song Ji Hyo rocks the cover of ‘Campus 10’ with her snapback fashion^^

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<Reply with a Song - Emergency Couple> - Deleted Parts(JiHyo’s Cut)

Concert Credits to tvN
Recording Source: DCSJH Mint
Chinese Translations: SJH Baidu Bar

*Disclaimer please read*  
This video is solely for entertainment purposes, not for commercial use, do not re-upload without permission, please credit Gapiplus, Missmongjihyo, Mongji-fan, English translations based on Chinese version by Song JiHyo Baidubar 

English version translators: Gapiplus (tumblr)Missmongjihyo (tumblr), Mongji-fan (tumblr), Timeline&Special Effect: Gapiplus (tumblr) 

Sorry for the possible errors within the video
Enjoy the video, full subbed concert http://www.dailymotion.com/songjihyofansite

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Staff Group Photo + Airport Photo + Field Photo(JiHyo’s job on the field is water delivery + Cheering + warm up buddy)

Cr: ig jeff1209, PopInAsia, weibo -李赫崽是个帅比

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2014 Dream Cup Jakarta - JiHyo

Cr: GoKpop« For more photos go there(These are just 10 of the photos)

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Song Ji Hyo Fansigning at Gunsan Yesse -(2)

Cr: DCSJHNaver Blog shsh7763, Naver Cafe kunsanscandal

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